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MARCH 2019
Weigh the tax impact of income vs. growth when investing  
Deducting charitable gifts depends on a variety of factors  
Did you repair your business property or improve it?  
There may be unclaimed property with your name on it  
Multistate resident? Watch out for double taxation  
You've got time: Small businesses can still set up a 2018 SEP plan  
Fewer taxpayers to qualify for home office deduction  
Throwing snowballs at your mountain of debt  
Installment sales: A viable option for transferring assets  
How to trim the fat from your inventory  
Laying the groundwork for your 2018 tax return  
7 ways to prevent elder financial abuse  
Tax calendar  
An intrafamily loan is worth careful consideration  
Use capital losses to offset capital gains  
Accelerating your property tax deduction to reduce your tax bill  
Is a PTO contribution arrangement right for your business?  
Taxable vs. tax-advantaged: Where to hold investments  
Is now the time for some life insurance?  
Getting caught up with the latest catch-up contributions  
Year-end tax strategies for accrual-basis businesses  
Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation?  
Avoid penalties by abiding by the NQDC tax rules  
DOL has increased scrutiny of defined benefit plans  
Catching up with the home mortgage interest deduction  
Tax calendar  
TCJA draws a silver lining around the individual AMT  
How spouse-owned businesses can reduce self-employment taxes  
Study up on the tax advantages of a 529 savings plan  
When is bartering taxable?  
Take note of the distinctive features of Roth IRAs  
Assessing your exposure to the estate tax and gift tax  
LLC and LLP owners should befriend the PAL rules  
Is your company overpaying on sales and use taxes?  
JULY 2018
Don't let the kiddie tax play costly games with you  
4 questions to ask before hiring household help  
ESOPs offer businesses tax and other benefits  
Retirement plan options for business owners  
Tax calendar  
JUNE 2018
How to be tax-smart when it comes to mutual funds  
Deducting home equity interest under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  
3 common types of IRS tax penalties  
Beware of tax traps when making an employee a partner  
MAY 2018
Do you have your own wealth management plan?  
Choosing between a calendar tax year and a fiscal tax year  
Get an early tax "refund" by adjusting your withholding  
Foreign accounts call for specific reporting requirements  
APRIL 2018
Getting to know your credit and debit cards a bit better  
No kidding: Child credit to get even more valuable  
What is "reasonable compensation," anyway?  
The new deal on employee meals (and entertainment)  
Tax calendar  
MARCH 2018
Dynasty trusts are more valuable than ever  
Heed the warning signs of W-2 phishing scams  
Business owners: Brush up on bonus depreciation  
The changing face of personal exemptions and the standard deduction  
Take a look at the domestic production activities deduction  
Making 2017 retirement plan contributions in 2018  
Do you know the tax impact of your collectibles?  
When an elderly parent might qualify as your dependent  
Still important: The tax impact of business travel  
Help prevent tax identity theft by filing early  
Owner-employees need to stay up to speed on employment taxes  
4 financial planning tips for second marriages  
Tax calendar  
Educate employees on required minimum distribution rules  
DAPTs offer a homegrown approach to asset protection  
5 common mistakes when applying for financial aid  
Ensuring your year-end donations are tax deductible  
Handle with care: Mutual funds and taxes  
Bad debts aren't always bad news  
Pondering the purchase of a life insurance policy  
Are frequent flyer miles ever taxable?  
How to steer clear of tax issues related to shareholder loans  
Wills and living trusts: Estate planning imperatives  
Should you change your business - or transform it?  
3 strategies for handling estimated tax payments  
Tax calendar  
Do you need the protection of a D&O insurance policy?  
Beware the ongoing risk of employee misclassification  
Understanding the differences between health care accounts  
5 keys to disaster planning for individuals  
Should you convert from a C corporation to an S corporation?  
Cool down with a dip into your tax records  
IRS permits high-earner Roth IRA rollover opportunity  
Shifting capital gains to your children  
JULY 2017
Why you should (or shouldn't) pursue an acquisition  
Leasing property to your business might trigger undesirable tax consequences  
Which type of mortgage loan meets your needs?  
Know your tax hand when it comes to gambling  
Tax calendar  
JUNE 2017
In down years, NOL rules can offer tax relief  
Asking the right questions about long-term care insurance  
Renting out your vacation home? Anticipate the tax impact  
Thoughts and musings on family budgeting  
MAY 2017
Could a cost segregation study save your company taxes?  
Viatical settlements: A funding mechanism for medical costs  
Watch out for IRD issues when inheriting money  
Reviewing the innocent spouse relief rules  
APRIL 2017
Reviewing your company's buy-sell agreement  
ABLE accounts can help support the disabled  
So you just filed your taxes - could an audit be next?  
Tax calendar  
5 growth strategies for today's businesses  
MARCH 2017
Got nexus? Find out before operating in multiple states  
4 tips for donating artwork to charity  
Identifying qualifying children for tax purposes  
You've hit the jackpot! Now what?  
Consider separating real estate assets from your business  
Facing the tax challenges of self-employment  
4 myths about managing your debt  
Phaseouts and reductions: A tax-filing reminder  
DAFs bring an investment angle to charitable giving  
Slight adjustments: COLA amounts for 2017 retirement plans  
Need to sell real property? Try an installment sale  
Reviewing your company's inventory options for best results  
Tax calendar  
Don't let capital losses get you down  
IRS continues to enforce "reasonable" shareholder-employee salaries  
Age 50 or older? Catch-up contributions are for you  
7 last-minute tax-saving tips  
Donating appreciated stock offers tax advantages  
Is the sales tax deduction right for you?  
Make sure you're up to speed on nonqualified stock option rules  
What business owners should know about company vehicles and taxes  
Take the worry out of business valuations  
Owner-employees face distinctive tax planning challenges  
Tax calendar  
Have a pension? Be sure to plan carefully  
Timing is everything: Your income and expenses  
AMT awareness: Be ready for anything  
5 tips for safe intrafamily loans  
Funding a college education? Don't forget the 529  
Bartering businesses can't cut Uncle Sam out of the deal  
Know your options for business interest transfers  
Are you sure you want to take that 401(k) loan?  
How to assess the impact of a child's investment income  
Heads up! Itemized deductions may be ahead  
July 2016
Have a household employee? Be sure to follow the tax rules  
Know your customers before you extend credit  
Marriage penalty leaves many (but not all) newlyweds singing a sad tune  
Tax calendar  
Getting comfortable with the home office deduction  
June 2016
Beware the transfer-for-value rule when dealing with life insurance  
Business owners, is it time for Section 199?  
Organizing your financial records for best results  
Summer camp costs may brighten your tax return  
May 2016
Juggling family wealth management is no trick  
Disclosure of foreign accounts: 4 facts about FATCA  
Don't forget depreciation breaks for your company's real property  
Need a do-over? Amend your tax return  
April 2016
Go, save green with sustainable tax breaks  
Training day: Reimbursing employees' education expenses  
Could your debt relief turn into a tax defeat?  
Tax calendar  
A product/services remix could get your sales moving  
March 2016
Walk the path to tax savings for 2015  
5 things to know about substantiating donations  
Why you might want to not claim your child as a dependent  
Run a business "on the side"? make sure it's no hobby  
February 2016
Good eats, tax breaks: Deducting employee meal costs  
Reacquainting yourself with the Roth IRA  
Why flip real estate when you can exchange it?  
Married filers, the choice is yours  
January 2016
How you can help prevent tax-related identity theft  
Road rules: Deducting business travel expenses  
Hoping to grow your business?  
Tax calendar  
Consolidate accounts and simplify your financial life  
December 2015
What you should know about capital gains and losses  
Providing tax-free fringe benefits to employees  
Education planning: It’s best to start early  
Seniors age 70 1/2 take your required retirement distributions before year end  
Earn 5% or more on liquid assets  
November 2015
Why your health insurance company may ask for your Social Security Number  
Sorting out Employer Shared Responsibility provisions that apply to your business  
How working impacts Social Security benefits  
Tax advantages of small business stock  
Tips on the tax effects of divorce or separation  
Job search expenses may be deductible  
October 2015
Time to start year end tax planning  
Tax calendar  
Shared equity financing arrangements for home ownership  
Due-date changes for partnership and C corporation returns  
September 2015
Boosting Retirement Savings with a One-person 401(k) Plan  
Maximizing FDIC Insurance Coverage of Bank Deposits  
Planning to Avoid or Minimize the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax  
Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages in All States  
August 2015
The importance of updating beneficiary designations  
Selecting the appropriate entity for your business  
Tips for deducting losses from a disaster  
The many benefits of a Health Savings Account (HSA)  
Double duty giving with charitable gift annuities  
July 2015
Summer time is a good time to start planning and organizing your taxes  
Combined business and vacation travel  
Tax calendar  
Avoiding an inadvertent termination of S corporation status  
Rollovers from qualified plans to IRAs  
June 2015
2015 HSA amounts  
Donating a life insurance policy to charity  
Tax rules for gamblers  
Tax tips for farmers  
What you should do with an identity verification letter from the IRS  
May 2015
Deducting Business Bad Debts  
Tips on Handling a Will  
Filing 2014 Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reports  
Reporting a Name Change  
Taxation of College Financial Aid  
IRA Rollovers  
April 2015
Contemporaneous recordkeeping key to avoiding loss limitations  
Special rules for inherited IRAs  
Avoid gift treatment by paying expenses directly  
Tax Calendar  
SEPs—One last chance to lower your 2014 tax bill  
What landlords should know about rental income and expenses  
March 2015
Tax increase prevention act of 2014 (TIPA)  
ABLE accounts for disabled individuals  
Tax breaks for businesses extended through 2014  
Four good reasons to direct deposit your refund  
National Taxpayer Advocate delivers annual report to Congress  
February 2015
Employer reimbursements of individual health insurance policies  
Helping an adult child buy a home  
Standard mileage rates for 2015  
The importance of accountable expense reimbursement plans  
What to do if you don't get a Form W-2  
January 2015
Taxability of rewards programs  
Retirement contribution limitations for 2015  
Tax calendar  
IRS grants tax relief to drought-stricken farmers and ranchers  
Deducting local lodging expenses  
Social Security and Medicare amounts for 2015  
December 2014
Supersizing Your Charitable Contribution Deductions  
Unicap Rules and Exemptions  
Retaining Key employees  
Home Office Expenses of Employees  
Check Your Partnership and S Corporation Stock Basis Before Year-End  
Disability Insurance For Business Owners and Professionals  
Seniors Age 70 1/2+: Take Your Required Retirement Distributions  
November 2014
Individual Year-end Tax Planning Ideas  
Eight Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions  
Does Your Business Need a Buy/Sell Agreement?  
The tax benefits of selling rather than trading in business vehicles  
Write off damaged or obsolete inventory items  
Taking advantage of flexible spending Accounts (FSAs)  
October 2014
Converting a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company  
Travel while giving to charity  
Tax calendar  
Simple tax savings techniques for security gains  
Swapping bonds to claim losses  
September 2014
Identifying charities eligible to receive tax deductible contributions  
Deducting medically necessary home improvements  
Unneeded life insurance policies could be a significant source of cash  
Paying partnership expenses  
Small business resources  
Weddings mean tax changes  
August 2014
2015 HSA amounts  
Corporate annual meetings are important  
Dividing IRAs tax-free in divorce  
Keep your records safe in case disaster strikes  
Social Security statements available online  
What you need to know about required health insurance coverage for 2014  
July 2014
Comparing taxable vs. tax-exempt investment yields  
Do you need to adjust your federal income tax withholding amount?  
Tax calendar  
Getting around the $25 deduction limit for business gifts  
IRS phone scam warning  
June 2014
IRS toughens the one-year wait between IRA rollovers  
Expenses qualifying for the child care credit  
Midyear tax planning ideas  
Tips for businesses that outsource payroll duties  
IRS warns taxpayers to beware of phishing scams  
May 2014
Leasing property to a closely held corporation  
Taxing a child's investment income  
Don't be a charity scam victim  
Taxable tip income  
Avoiding penalties on IRA withdrawals before age 59 1/2  
Dirty Dozen tax scams for 2014  
Taxing Social Security benefits  
April 2014
Tax implications of investor or trader status  
Double benefit from a tax deduction  
Tax Calendar  
College financial aid basics  
Monitoring Section 530 eligibility  
March 2014
Lifetime vs. testamentary contributions  
When is a marriage terminated for tax purposes?  
Filing status for separated, divorced or divorcing couples  
Passive activity loss limitations  
Minimum Required Distribution Reminder  
Taxpayer Advocate Reports to Congress  
February 2014
Converting a residence to rental property  
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts  
Making your hobby a business  
Retirement plan review  
Social Security update  
Taxpayer penalized for wasting court's time  
January 2014
Life insurance as a source of funds for the terminally ill  
Tax Calendar  
2014 Social Security Wage Base  
IRS Modifies FSA use-it-or-lose-it Rule  
Additional 0.9% Medicare Tax  
Structuring a Tax-free Incorporation  
December 2013
Minimizing the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax  
Year-end Mutual Fund Purchases  
Qualified Charitable Distributions  
Itemized Medical Deductions  
November  2013
Deciding When to Start Receiving Social Security Benefits  
Using an S Corporation to Hold Stock in Other Corporations  
IRS Affordable Care Act Website  
New Tax Rules for Legally Married Same-sex Couples  
October 2013
Fourth Quarter Tax Planning  
Tax Calendar  
At-risk Rules for a Closely Held Corporation  
Retirement Plan Loans  
September 2013
Partial Restoration of Lost Social Security Benefits  
Business Tax Breaks  
The 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax—More Than Meets the Eye  
Is My Gift Taxable?  
August 2013
The Affordable Care Act  
Employing a Business Owner's Children  
2014 HSA Amounts  
July 2013
The Marriage Penalty  
Tax Calendar  
New In-plan Roth Rollover Provision  
Tax Impact of Investment Strategies  
Residential Energy Credit  
June 2013
Use a QDRO to Divide Qualified Plan Assets in Divorce  
Higher Education Costs Continue to Escalate  
Help Grandchildren with College Costs  
Selling a Home to Your Child at a Bargain Price  
Tax Benefits for Adoption Expenses  
May 2013
Tax Breaks for Families and Students  
Increased Medicare Payroll Tax  
Qualified Plan Distributions Exempt from the NIIT  
Nonspouse IRA Beneficiaries  
April 2013
Impact of Higher Individual Federal Tax Rates  
Tax Calendar  
Excluding Gain on Qualified Small Business Stock  
2013 Gift Tax Exclusion  
Residency Issues for Retirees  
New Simplified Home Office Deduction  
March 2013
American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012  
New Roth IRA Conversion Option  
Business Provisions of the New Tax Act  
Direct IRA Contribution Provision Extended  
February 2013
Social Security and Medicare Update  
Standard Mileage Rates for 2013  
Patron’s Gifts and Athletic Tickets  
Tax Rules for Gamblers  
Benefits of Using a Family LLC  
January 2013
Deducting Home Mortgage Interest  
Tax Calendar  
Filing Status Implications  
Business Deduction for Medicare Insurance Premiums  
Retirement Contribution and Other Limitations for 2013  
December 2012
Filing Options for Your Final Form 1040  
Maximizing the Deduction for Start-up Expenses  
Home Sale Gain Exclusion Restrictions for Second Homes  
Save Taxes Using a Partial Annuity Exchange  
November 2012
Recent Graduates' Job Search and Moving Expenses  
Substantiating Charitable Contributions  
October 2012
College Loan Repayment Plan Application Is Simplified  
Fringe Benefit Rules for 2% S Corporation Shareholders  
Noteworthy 2013 Healthcare Provisions    
September 2012
New 3.8% Medicare Contribution Tax on Unearned Income  
Additional 0.9% Medicare Surtax in 2013  
Cash Management Strategies for a Secure Retirement  
Asset Protection Characteristics of LLCs  
August 2012
IRS Limits Employer Identification Number Requests  
Social Security Statements  
New Tax Rule for Local Lodging Expenses  
Age-55 Qualified Retirement Plan Exception  
July 2012
Charitable Donations of Publicly Traded Securities  
2013 HSA Limitations  
Deferring Taxable Gain with a Like-kind Exchange  
MRD Reminder  
June 2012
Tax-free Exchanges of Life Insurance Policies  
Use a Reverse Mortgage as a Cash Resource  
S Corporation Profiles  
"Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams  
May 2012
IRS's Information on Exempt Charitable Organizations  
Excluding a Residence Sale Gain Following Divorce  
Reporting Barter Transactions  
April 2012
50% Disallowance Rule for Meals and Entertainment  
Taxpayer Advocate's Report  
IRS Reopens Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program  
Roth IRAs for Kids  
Tax Ramifications of Owning a Second Home  
March 2012
Tax Planning Following a Job Loss  
Reporting Foreign Financial Assets  
February  2012
Head of Household Filing Status  
Capital Gains and Losses  
The Unearned Income Medicare Contribution  
Taxable or Nontaxable Income?  
Selecting a C Corporation’s Tax Year  
January  2012
Operating a Business as an LLC  
Receiving Social Security Benefits before Full Retirement Age  
December  2011
Timing Year-end Charitable Contributions  
Update on Employer-provided Cell Phones  
Voluntary Contractor Settlement Program (VCSP)  
Turning a Hobby into a Business  
November  2011
Deducting Job Search Expenses  
The Importance of Updating Beneficiary Designations  
October  2011
Education Planning—Start Early  
Federal Taxation of Social Security Benefits  
September  2011
Tax Advantages of Small Business Stock  
Help a Grandchild Retire  
Defer Taxes with an Installment Sale  
Combined Business and Vacation Travel  
August 2011
Selling a Corporate Business  
Safeguarding Tax Records  
Tax Planning for Mutual Funds  
July 2011
Rollovers from Qualified Plans to IRAs  
Attaining Independent Contractor Status  
Compiling and Retaining Important Records  
June 2011
Home Sales by Newlyweds  
Deducting Interest on Home Loans  
May 2011
Tax Aspects of Becoming Self-employed  
Repaying the First-time Homebuyer Credit  
March 2011
New Estate and Gift Tax Rules  
Taxpayer Advocate Reports to Congress  
February 2011
Preserving Tax Deductions for Business Travel  
Baby Boomers’ Medicare Sign-up  
Avoiding Constructive Dividend Treatment  
Converting a Residence to Rental Property  
January 2011
Sole Proprietors Can Benefit from Employing a Spouse  
Retirement Plan Review  
December 2010
Business Cell Phone Restrictions Removed  
Borrowing from Retirement Plans  
November 2010
529 Plans—Saving for College  
Gambling Winnings and Losses  
Maximizing Tax Savings from Outright Charitable Gifts  
October 2010

New Business Tax Saving Opportunity

Deducting Job Search Expenses  
Retirement Account Catch-up Contributions Can Really Add up  
Revocable Living Trusts  
September 2010
Earn 5% or More on Liquid Assets  
Maximizing Business Transportation Expense Deductions  
August 2010

Worker Classification Issues

Closed-end Fund Information Website  
Donating a Life Insurance Policy to a Charity  
July 2010

Deducting Business Bad Debts

Loans from IRAs Not Permitted  
Retiree’s State of Residency Tax Issues  
Distributions from Inherited IRAs  
June 2010

Health Insurance Tax Credit

Tax Aspects of Purchasing a Life Insurance Contract  
May 2010

Charitable Donations of Devalued Real Estate

Golf Carts and the Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle credit  
Filing Status and the Final 1040  
Using Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)  
April 2010
Medical Deduction for Personal Care Products  
Reduction of Seller-financed Debt  
Deducting Interest on S Corporation Stock Debt  
March 2010
Shareholder-to-corporation Leasing Arrangements  
February 2010

Plan Ahead for Self-employment

Bankruptcy—Advantages and Disadvantages  
January 2010
Taxation of Bartering  
December 2009
Tax Aspects of Owning a Timeshare Unit  
November 2009
Substantiating Charitable Contributions  
October 2009

Deducting Educational Assistance Expenses

Using IRA Distributions to Pay Education Costs  
Recent Identity Theft Scams  
Borrowing from Your 401(k) Plan  
Cash for Unneeded Life Insurance Policies  
September 2009
New Student Loan Repayment Plan  
Retaining Tax Information and Records  
August 2009

Home Office Deductions for the Self-employed

Employer Matching Charitable Contributions  
Prepare Financially for a Possible Job Loss  
Proprietorship Dispositions  
July 2009
Child Tax Credit  
June 2009
Deducting Fraudulent Investment Scheme Losses  
Corporate Governance and the Board of Directors  
May 2009

Tax Planning When Employment Is Terminated

Capitalizing an LLC  
March 2009

Reporting and Deducting Director’s Fees and Expenses

Help Your Grandchildren Pay for College  
The Disposition and Tax Aspects of Life Insurance Proceeds  
February  2009

Tax-deductible Alimony Payments

Deducting 529 Plan Losses  
January  2009

Controlling Expenditures in Difficult Economic Times

December  2008
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Credit  
November  2008
White-Collar Crime Detection  
Retaining Key Employees  
October  2008
Changes to the Home Sale Gain Exclusion
September  2008

Reevaluate Shareholder Loans

S Corporation Subsidiaries  
August  2008

Are You a Business Owner or Hobbyist?

Compiling Your Vital Records  
July  2008

Used Vehicle Donation Rules

Surviving Spouse Home Sale Exclusion Extension  
June  2008

Business Buy/Sell Agreements

Evaluating Charitable Organizations  
Recognizing Worthless Securities Losses  
May  2008
Swapping Bonds to Claim Losses  
Claiming Head of Household Status in Divorce Situations  
March  2008
IRS Approves New Medical Deductions  
Term or Whole Life Insurance: Which Is Best?  
February  2008

Cafeteria Plans Benefit Employees and Employers

January  2008
Teaching Children about Money  
December  2007

Deducting Real Estate Taxes

Use Third-party Debt to Raise Corporate Capital  
November  2007
Disability Insurance for Business Owners and Professionals  
Reporting Poker Tournament Winnings  
Tax Aspects of Refinancing Your Home Mortgage  
Is an S Corporation Right for Your Business?  
October  2007
Tax Implications of Investment Strategies  
Don't Buy a Tax Liability with Your Mutual Fund  
September  2007

Family Limited Partnerships

Incentive Stock Options  
Find National Charity Data Online  
Maximizing Deductions for Start-up and Organizational Expenses  
August  2007
Converting a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC  
July  2007

Home Sales for Newlyweds

June  2007

Business and Investment Expense Documentation

Tax Aspects of Owning a Second Home  
May  2007
Deducting Tournament Poker Losses Is Limited  
New Charitable Contributions Rules  
April  2007

Save Tax on Savings Bond Interest

Basics of the Dependent Care Credit  
March  2007
SBA Offers Small Business Services  
February  2007
Corporate Annual Meetings Are Important  
January  2007
Are You an Investor or Trader for Tax Purposes?  
Accessing Your Home Equity with a Reverse Mortgage  
December  2006
College Financial Aid Resources on the Web  
Unexpected Consequences with Employer Retirement Plan Loans  
Understanding Variable Annuities  
November  2006
Understanding FDIC Protection  
October  2006
Obtain Peace of Mind with Umbrella Liability Insurance  
September  2006
Techniques for Generating Long-term Capital Gains  
August  2006
IRS Tips for Safeguarding Your Records  
July  2006 
Deducting Medically Necessary Home Improvements  
June  2006 
Driving the Company Car  
May  2006
Harvest Tax Losses Using Exchange-traded Funds  
April  2006
Donor-advised Funds Make Charitable Giving Easy  
March  2006
Life Insurance Checkup   
Identity Theft and Your Tax Records  
February  2006
Deducting Home Office Expense   
Compensating Employees with Stock Options  
January  2006
Home Refinancing Points Held Currently Deductible  
December  2005
"Special Education" Medical Expense Deduction  
November  2005
Accountable Expense Reimbursement Plans  
October  2005
Reduce Taxes by Renting or Selling Property to a Closely Held Business  
September  2005
Are Disability Insurance Proceeds Taxable?  
Employee Buyouts  
August  2005
What Your Beneficiaries Should Know about Your Traditional IRAs  
Benefits of a QTIP Trust  
Maximizing Tax Deductions for Inventory  
July  2005
Dividing IRAs Tax-free in Divorce  
June  2005
Favorable Ruling on IRA Wrap Fees  
Deducting Legal Fees  
April  2005
Why Develop a Business Succession Plan?
Using QDROs to Divide Qualified Plan Assets in Divorce
March  2005
Using Dollar-Cost Averaging for Investment Purchases
Grandfather Provision Provides Tax Benefits for Certain Old Annuities
December  2004
Deferring Income Using Annuities
Selecting the Appropriate Entity for Your Business
October  2004
Deducting Business Bad Debts
September  2004
Filing a Joint Return in the Year of Death
August  2004
The Pros and Cons of Some Probate-avoidance Strategies
Excluding Gain from a Residence Following Divorce
July  2004
Shared Equity Financing Arrangements for Home Ownership
Draft a Testamentary Letter as an Element of Your Estate Plan
June  2004
Stock Dividends and Stock Splits—Taxable or Not?
Retirement Plan Loan Interest
May  2004
The Importance of Your Investment Period and Rate of Return
April  2004
Work-Related Fringe Benefits
March  2004
Obtain Tax Benefits with Conservation Easements
Save Taxes When Extracting S Corporation Cash
February  2004
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
January  2004
Benefits of a Living Trust
December  2003
Recognizing Losses on Worthless Securities 
November  2003
Establishing a Roth IRA for a Child PDF image
October  2003
Penalty-free IRA Withdrawals for First-time Homebuyers PDF image
September  2003
Setting Investment Goals PDF image
August  2003
Annuity Payout Options PDF image
Life Insurance Strategies for Individuals and Business Owners PDF image
July  2003
Save Taxes with Home Equity Loans PDF image
Selecting a Retirement Plan Beneficiary PDF image
June  2003
Selecting a Guardian for Your Minor Children PDF image
Retaining Key Employees PDF image
A Reverse Mortgage Can Generate Cash Flow PDF image
May  2003
Estate Planning in a Second Marriage PDF image
March  2003
Planning for Incapacity With a Durable Power of Attorney PDF image
January  2003
Purchasing a Second Home PDF image
Insuring Your Broker PDF image


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